Speed Rikon

Kajiwara Yuta (photo right, 23) of the manzai comedy duo King Kong, has divorced after just 13 months of marriage, it was announced by the Yoshimoto agency. He met his wife early last year while on a break from work due to stress. In October of last year, Kajiwara was caught leaving a hotel with pin-up girl Fujikawa Nozomi (21). He and his partner Nishino Akihiro (23) formed the duo in 1999 and have become rising stars over the last couple of years.

• Rakugo comedian Katsura Kinshi (53) has made good on his promise to marry if the Hanshin Tigers won the Central league last season. It was announced yesterday that he and Shimoma Asami (29) held a wedding ceremony on her birthday last week. She is four months pregnant, while Katsura has two children in their 20s from a previous marriage.