Yuukorin in New Legal Battle

Ogura Yuuko, Kikuchi Isao

It looks like the legal battle between ditzy talento Ogura Yuko (27, photo left) and her former management agency will continue for a while. The Tokyo District Court handed down a decision in Ogura’s favor in July, saying that her contract with the Avila agency terminated at the end of 2010. The agency immediately filed an objection, while Ogura announced that she had found new management and would continue her showbiz career. But yesterday Avila announced that it had filed a new civil suit against Ogura on September 9 seeking recognition of their contract. The company also filed a suit against publisher Kodansha seeking a stop to the scheduled September 16 publication of “Kofukuron,” a photo book featuring Ogura.

Popularly known by her nickname Yuukorin, Ogura can be seen as just another pawn – albeit a successful one – in the massive industry that recruits, markets and disposes of pretty young women. She was formally with the now defunct Avant Garde agency, whose CEO was arrested on tax evasion charges in 2009. On a brighter note, Ogura is still planning to marry hair stylist Kikuchi Isao (40, photo right), though the date is now said to be sometime in the autumn.

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