Daily Archives: September 13, 2011

Wideshow Reporter Missing 5 Months

Okuyama Eishi

Okuyama Eishi (62), one of the best-known faces on the afternoon “wideshow” circuit, has been missing since the spring, it was revealed earlier today in the “Shuukan Josei” weekly magazine. His management at the Yoshimoto Kogyo talent agency say they were able to establish that he was okay after the earthquake and tsunami in March but have had no contact with him since. They were contacted by his family on May 19 and a staff member visited his apartment in Kawasaki, where he lives alone. The apartment was undisturbed, there was laundry on the balcony washing line and water in the bathtub. The only thing that appeared to have been missing was his bank savings book. Okuyama’s family put in an application to the police for a missing person search the next day.

Okuyama was formerly a showbiz reporter for Fuji TV. Yoshimoto say that his last work assignment for the agency was at a comedy event in Tokyo in February of last year. He has a long history of working as an afternoon show reporter on such major events as the JAL Flight 123 jumbo crash of 1985 and the Aum Shinrikyo sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995.

Japan Misses Out on Universe Title

Miss Universe 2011, Kamiyama Maria

Japan will have to wait another year to capture its next world beauty crown. Kamiyama Maria (24, photo right) was hoping to repeat the success of Japanese entries in recent years, including the crowning of 2007 Miss Universe Mori Rio (24), but failed to make the last 16 of this year’s event held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The local favorite came in 3rd, behind the Ukrainian runner-up and Miss Universe 2011, business student Leila Lopes (25, photo left) of Angola.

Kamiyama, a native of the Tokyo youth mecca of Shibuya, is very much in the mold of recent Japanese fashion models with a look that could easily be half-western. But her main exposure to English came from a year taken off from college and spent working in Hawaii. She may not have made the final cut on the world stage but like Mori and 2006 runner-up Tachibana Kurara (29), she will surely continue to be in demand at home.