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Kikuchi Maiko a Single Mom

Kikuchi Maiko

Actress Kikuchi Maiko (36) and her entrepreneur husband (42) have been divorced since last December, according to today’s issue of women’s weekly “Shukan Josei.” The two met in January 2007 and were married six months later. Kikuchi gave birth to a baby girl in March 2008 and was back at work the following October. Management for Kikuchi say that the couple were separated for about a year and a half, while the magazine article cites the causes as her husband’s womanizing and trouble with her mother-in-law. Kikuchi has custody of their daughter (2). The article also mentions a fraud case involving her husband and a man who claims he was swindled out of ¥30 million. Kikuchi’s management acknowledged the case but say it surfaced after the divorce settlement.

Kikuchi is best known for her role in the 1996 NHK drama “Futarikko” (photo), which also made stars of the identical twins Mikura Mana and Kana (25).

Japan Given the Kiss Off


U.S. hard rock legends Kiss have made a sudden postponement of their upcoming Japan tour. The band, currently touring the world on the back of their successful 2009 album “Sonic Boom,” were scheduled to play seven shows in six cities here from April 13. Tickets were due to go on sale March 12, but that has been put back indefinitely. Tour organizers Udo said simply “due to the artist’s schedule, the tour has been postponed.” There has been a mention on Kissonline.com, the band’s website, of the shows and possibly some additional dates being rescheduled for the autumn.

Kiss, who’ve been going since 1974, were due to tour Japan for the 10th time and the first since 2006. “Sonic Boom” was the band’s first original album in 11 years and entered the U.S. Billboard charts at No.2.