Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

Joy Hospitalized

Joy, Johnny Depp, Maya Miki

Popular male model/talento Joy (25, photo left) has been admitted to hospital with pneumonia. Speaking after he failed to show up yesterday to a press conference for tomorrow’s Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show, his management said he had shown signs of illness during filming of a TV show the day before. Diagnosed with pneumonia that night, he was told he’d likely need to spend at least two weeks in hospital. His management have canceled scheduled appearances in 10 different TV shows.

Depp Plays the Tourist in Japan
Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp (47) was in Tokyo yesterday on his 8th visit to Japan. This time he’s in Japan for the premiere of “The Tourist,” his big screen collaboration with Angelina Jolie (35) that opens in theaters here tomorrow. Depp and director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (37) attended a PR event and were presented with bouquets of flowers by actress Maya Miki (47, photo right). The thriller/romance set in Venice has generally received negative reviews – though it did famously garner some Golden Globe nominations as a comedy – and has needed to rely on the global fan base of its stars to make the vast majority of its box office revenue.

Also in town this week is Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne (26). She gave a free concert for 600 invited fans at Akasaka Blitz on Tuesday, her first shiow here for about two and a half years. Yesterday morning she was in Ginza for the opening of a new flagship store by Gap. She was also helping sell some 200 pairs of limited edition jeans that are a tie up between Gap and her own fashion brand, Abbey Dawn.