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High Speed Boyz Slow Things Down

High Speed Boyz

A cynical observer would dismiss it as just another publicity stunt but Victor Entertainment insist otherwise. In an unprecedented move, the release of the debut single by new band High Speed Boyz has not only been postponed, but the choice of single itself has been changed. “Bad City” was released as a digital download last month and made the “chaku-uta” chart Top 10. But the song was remarkably similar to the sound of currently hot J-pop band Greeeen. And at the end of last month it was discovered that not only is HSB vocalist Jin the elder brother of Greeeen singer Hide, he’s also the group’s producer. The bands and record label had intended to keep these facts secret, but once the cover was blown they decided it was better to put some musical distance between the artists. So HSB will debut with the hard rock single “Childhood’s End” and the release date will pushed back from August 19 to September 9. A Victor spokesman said, “Normally if a debut single is changed, the release date is pushed back indefinitely. But our company and music stores have very high hopes for this band.” The lineup is (l-r) Yusuke, Junchi, Kensuke, Michael, Jin. The members of Greeeen, who never reveal their faces, were recently recognized by Guinness World Records for the biggest-selling digital download single.

• Finally realizing one of his ambitions, actor Sorimachi Takashi (35) has landed the lead role in a samurai drama. He will play the role of Edo Period samurai Yagyu Mitsuyoshi (1607-50) in a New Year drama on TV Tokyo, one of the first broadcasts for the network’s 45th anniversary. Popularly known as Yagyu Juubei, the master swordsman is one of the most romanticized figures of his time and has been the subject of dozens of novels, manga, movies and TV dramas.

• Talento Aoki Sayaka (36) is expecting her first child next spring, it was revealed yesterday. She married a dancer (33) in October 2007.