Daily Archives: July 16, 2009

AmaShio Give Love a Sporting Chance

Shiota Reiko, Amano Yoshihisa

Badminton beauty Shiota Reiko (25) is romantically involved with a former rubgy-playing entrepreneur, according to the latest issue of weekly magazine “Friday.” The man in question is Amano Yoshihisa (36), who played rugby for Meiji University, Suntory and Japan, is the founder of the Loran Group and runs a sports gym in Tokyo. He and Shiota, who represented Japan at the Beijing Olympics, have been spotted on dates around the capital several times over the summer. Amano has been previously linked with such beauties as actress Ito Misaki (32) and newscaster Takigawa Christel (31). Shiota and her badminton doubles partner Ogura Kumiko (25), known as OguShio, won five straight national championships and they leaped to fame as pinup girls for the 2008 Olympics, where they reached the quarter finals. They split as a pair after the games and Shiota has switched to mixed doubles and is aiming for the London Olympics. She and her partner, Ikeda Shintaro, are now known as IkeShio. Shiota appeared as a bridal fashion model in February and the media are now speculating about when she might wear her own wedding dress.