Daily Archives: May 16, 2006

Success, Fame and Now…the Girl

Comedian Fujimori Shingo (photo right, 23) and actress Ueno Juri (19) are the hot young couple of the moment. The pair were recently spotted leaving Fujimori’s home by photographers from the women’s weekly Josei Jishin. Today’s issue of the magazine reveals they have been dating for about five months. Fujimori and partner Nakata Atsuhiko (23) make up the Yoshimoto Kogyo comedy duo Oriental Radio, who have stormed onto the variety scene in the last year. Their high-paced Buyuuden routine (the word means “martial story”) has shot them to the top of the comedy ranks far quicker than most. Event though the term “wakate geinin” (young celebrities) is used to describe the current ranks of comedians, most have spent years honing their skills on the theater circuit and are in their 30s by the time they become regulars on TV. And “OriRaji”, as they are known to fans, have hardly pursued fame at the expense of their education – Fujimori is a graduate of the prestigious Meiji University, while Nakata is still studying at the equally elite Keio University. Ueno had her breakthrough in the 2004 hit movie “Swing Girls”.

• Today’s issue of another women’s weekly, Shuukan Josei, reveals that two members of the rock trio Remioromen are married. Vocalist Fujimaki Ryota (26) married his university sweetheart in 2004 and they had a son last year, while bassist Maeda Keisuke (26) is also a married man. Hardly groundbreaking news but the revelation comes as a surprise for the many female fans of the popular group.

Orange Range have topped the Oricon charts with their latest single “Champione”, the first time a World Cup theme song has managed the feat. But for the Okinawan group it is their 9th consecutive No.1. They have reached 11 million CDs sold in a career still a month shy of three years. Two of the members, brother Ryo (20) and Yoh (22), still play soccer in Okinawa.

• Actress Yonekura Ryoko (30) has taken sick leave from the shooting of her upcoming TV series. The star of Fuji’s July series provisionally titled “Woman Wars” developed a fever and lost her voice but is expected to be back at work in a matter of days.