Daily Archives: May 23, 2006

No Love for Arthur

A bit of a TV coincidence last night. On “Gowan Coaching!” on TV Tokyo, Itoda Jun (33) was one of two comedians given ten days to learn to play the sax. The husband of actress Adachi Yumi (24) managed a very respectable rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon”, under the tuition of top female sax player Asamoto Chika. Itoda dedicated the song to his wife and new baby. Meanwhile, over on Yomiuri TV’s “Geikoi Real”, actor Kuroda Arthur (45) was professing his love for Korean talento Yoon Sona (30). The show, presented by Yoon and comedian Shimada Shinsuke, features TV personalities who have a secret love or admiration for a fellow geinojin. Yoon was clearly shocked that this time she was the one with the secret admirer. Both she and Kuroda are known as very “majime” (serious) types who don’t open up their hearts easily. She ended up in tears as she thanked Kuroda for his love letter but declined to accept his offer of a relationship. The coincidence is that just a year ago, the media was counting the days until Kuroda would marry Adachi. Shimada mentioned that Yoon came from a “serious” family, slyly adding that her mother was unlikely to publish a book of nude photos – a thinly veiled reference to that very stunt by Adachi’s mother.

• Nigerian talento Bobby Ologun (40) announced yesterday that he is leaving his management agency. He was questioned by prosecutors earlier this year after starting a brawl at the Tokyo office of R & A Production. In response to the announcement, the agency said that Ologun is under contract until the end of 2007 and can’t work on TV until then. A spokesman for his new company, Aremuco Production, said, “It’s true that one or two legal matters remain unresolved, but Bobby is serious about his decision. He will never work for R & A again.”

• TBS announcer Kimura Ikumi (33) and former pro tennis player Sugisawa Shuichi (38) announced yesterday that they got married last Friday. The two first met at a party just four months ago. They plan to hold a wedding ceremony in the autumn. Sugisawa is president of the sports management company Team Scandinavia.