Daily Archives: May 4, 2006

Korean Stars Still Hot

Today is the National People’s Day (Kokumin-no Kyuujitsu) national holiday, part of Golden Week.

If you thought the Korean boom had cooled off in Japan, think again. Korean star Lee Byung Hun (photo, 35) held a fan event at Tokyo Dome yesterday and no less than 42,000 fans turned out to catch a glimpse. Also in attendance for the 3-hour show were his co-star in the TV drama series “Utsukushii Hibi” (Beautiful days) Choi Ji Woo (30), so popular here she is known as “Ji Woo-hime” or Princess Ji Woo, and several top pop artists.

Here’s the latest singles chart (up to May 8).

  1. Tabibito – Ketsumeishi

  2. Dear Woman – SMAP

  3. Junrenka – Shonan no Kaze

  4. Age Age Every Kishi – DJ Ozma

  5. Believe – Ai

  6. Frienger – Otsuka Ai

  7. 19-sai – Suga Shikao

  8. Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu – B’z

  9. Real Face – KAT-TUN

  10. Bouken Desho Desho? – Hirano Aya

• Hoping to make it back into the charts soon is T.M.Revolution. The singer will be celebrating his 10th year in showbiz this month and has announced a greatest hits album, “Billion”, that will go on sale on June 7. The jacket has been designed by popular art director Sato Kashiwa.