Daily Archives: May 19, 2006

Puffy’s Yumi Living With Actor

Singer Yoshimura Yumi (photo left, 31) of the pop duo Puffy is living with actor Omori Nao (34), according to today’s issue of the weekly gossip magazine Friday. Starting out as friends, the pair are said to have become romantically involved at the beginning of this year. Spokespeople at the management agencies of both celebrities declined to comment on what they said was a private matter. Yoshimura divorced singer Nishikawa Takanori (35), better known as TM Revolution, in 2002 and was later linked with Awanokoji Sho of the rock group Kishiden. But conflicting performance schedules put paid to their romance and they split at the end of last year. Yoshimura, together with Onuki Ami, has enjoyed great success in the US, where they are known as Puffy AmiYumi and have their own show on the Cartoon Network. Omori, son of the actor Maro Akaji (63), is currently appearing in the Fuji TV series “Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru”.

• Singer Fukuyama Masaharu (37) is to make his first variety show appearance in 14 years. He will appear on tonight’s edition of the TBS late show “Koisuru Hamikami!”. He will no doubt be promoting his new single “Milk Tea”, due for release on May 24, which is used as the show’s theme song. Comedienne Hisamoto Masami (45), one of the presenters, is a huge Fukuyama fan. The hugely popular singer is set for a busy day today, appearing on four different networks.

• Popular actor Uchino Masaaki (37) and former top Takarazuka star Ichiro Maki (41) are engaged to be married. Ichiro left the all-female troupe in 1996 and has performed on stages around the world. She and Uchino met when they played together in the musical “Elizabeth” in 2000. Ichiro appeared in the 1997 NHK taiga historical drama series, while Uchino is to play the lead role in next year’s production.