Daily Archives: January 10, 2006

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Actor Toyokawa Etsushi (43) refused to talk about his divorce during a pre-production PR event for the movie “Hula Girl” on Sunday. He announced the divorce at the New Year but has since ignored questions about it from the media.

• Comedian Yamane Yoshiaki (29) of the duo Ungirls announced yesterday that he and talento Yamakawa Erika (23) have split up. While the lanky duo are very popular with teenage girls, looks-wise neither is considered ideal romantic material.

• An end has also come to the romance between Horie Takafumi (33), CEO of IT company Livedoor, and talento Nishimura Miho (24). Horie talked about the split during the latest edition of the “Sunday Japon” news/variety show, which was recorded in December. So it’s thought that the couple split during the autumn. The interview with “Horiemon” took place on his private jet, which he bought last year for ¥3 billion. On his personal blog, he says he is currently enjoying gambling in Las Vegas.

• Pin-up girl Yinling of Joytoy (27) revealed at the weekend that she fractured a rib while practising ballroom dancing in December, and later broke it when she got up to get the TV remote at home.