Daily Archives: January 12, 2006

Another “Fuji Ana” to Wed

Just yesterday we announced the marriage of Yoshimoto comedian Kimura Yuichi and talento henmi Emiri. Now we hear that popular Fuji TV announcer Uchida Kyoko (29) is engaged to Yoshimoto manager Kimoto Kimitoshi (32). And while Kimura is a member of Downtown‘s inner circle, Kimoto was managing member Hamada (42) when he met Uchida, his co-presenter on the Fuji TV sports-variety show “Junk Sports,” in 2001. The two started going out in March of 2003 and got engaged last December. “Ucchi”, who has been one of Fuji’s most popular announcers for the last couple of years, says she plans to leave the network in March and go freelance. Of the 12 female announcers who got married or engaged in the last year or so, six have been with the Fuji network, and particularly those with Fuji have developed a reputation for marrying sports stars and high-flying IT company presidents. But despite his ties to one of the best-paid comedy stars in Japan, Kimoto is a ¥7 million-a-year salaryman.

• Former Luna Sea vocalist kawamura Ryuichi (35) is romantically involved with a oman in her 20’s. Identified simply as A-san from Shizuoka Prefecture, she and the rock star are said to have been going out since last year. Kawamura, who has been connected with many actresses and models over the years, visited A-san’s family’s home and met her parents at the New Year. He is currently preparing for a Tokyo show by his latest band Tourbillon, which he formed last summer.

• The opening episode of Fuji TV’s version of the classic series “Saiyuki” (Monkey) scored an impressive 29.2% audience rating. It’s the 4th best opening for a drama series on the network, and only bettered by three series starring heart throb Kimura Takuya. Saiyuki stars Kimutaku’s SMAP colleague Katori Shingo (28) in the lead role, supported by comedian Uchimura Teruyoshi (41), Itoh Atsushi (22) and Fukatsu Eri (33).

• Not doing so well is this year’s taiga drama on NHK, “Kohmyo ga Tsuji”. The annual historical drama series started with less than a 20% rating for the first time in four years.