Daily Archives: January 16, 2006

When the Boys Come to Town

The long wait is almost over for Japanese fans of the world’s biggest and best band. Irish rockers U2 will bring their Vertigo live show to the Yokohama Nissan Stadium on April 4, their first performance in Japan since 1998. The stadium was the venue for the World Cup final in 2002. Tickets will go on sale here on February 18.

• Singer Gackt is making his move into the Asian market. In an interview before a concert in Seoul at the weekend, his first solo concert outside Japan,he announced plans to tour China, Taiwan and other Asian countries within the year. During the show at the Olympic fencing stadium he impressed 8,000 fans with his Hangul language skills for a full 20 minutes. For the show he brought the entire set and crew from Japan at a cost of about ¥120 million.

• Tegoshi Yuya (18), a member of popular Johnny’s boy band News, has passed the entrance examination for the prestigious Waseda University. he announced the good news at a PR event for his first movie lead role in “Shissou”. Tegoshi is one of eight Johnny’s stars to get into university, and the second to enter Waseda. He said he hopes to be able to play for the school’s soccer club.

• Former Yomiuri Giants star Motoki Daisuke (34) has become a father. It was announced yesterday that his wife, former talento Ohgami Izumi (36), gave birth to their first son last week.