Daily Archives: February 25, 2005

Livedoor-Fuji Battle Continues

The ongoing struggle between Fuji TV and Internet start-up Livedoor to gain control of radio station Nippon Broadcasting System continues to grab headlines. The latest move by NBS, which along with Fuji TV is part of the Fuji Sankei Group, is to give Fuji the right to buy new shares to be issued over the next few months. This would prevent Livedoor from gaining more than 50% of shares, a target the company has been using dubious means to achieve. NBS owns the biggest stake in Fuji TV, even though the TV station is much bigger, so control of NBS would give Livedoor a lot of influence over Fuji TV. The whole affair is generating lots of publicity for young Livedoor president Horie Takafumi (photo, 32), who also was in the spotlight during his company’s recent battle with fellow internet giant Rakuten to buy a pro baseball team. “Horiemon” lost that battle, but his company’s pageviews have skyrocketed.

• Japan is to waive visa charges for visitors who also attend the six-month World Exposition, the international showcase of technology and innovation which opens next month in central Aichi prefecture. Japan said short-term, non-employment visas issued from this Friday to September 25, the last day of the World Expo, would be free if the trip included a visit to the event. Japan generally charges ¥3,000 yen ($29) for a single-entry visa and ¥6,000 for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa.