Daily Archives: February 22, 2005

Victory for Hosshan

High-tension comedian Hosshan (photo, 33) has won the 3rd R-1 Grand Prix for “pin geinin,” a term for solo comedy performers. After beating over 1200 performers, including such up-and-coming stars as Tomochika (31) and Hiroshi (33), he was so overcome when he was announced as the winner that he fell over. He won prize money of ¥5 million. Formerly of the Yoshimoto manzai duo Chupa Chups, which broke up in 1999, a tearful Hosshan said he had considered giving up showbusiness many times.

• It was announced at the weekend that actor Kentaro Segal (29), son of Hollywood action star Steven Seagal, has married a 25-year old Malaysian model who was formerly his father’s assistant. They have a baby son, Shotaro. Kentaro is currently studying aikido in Osaka.

• The 1980s band C-C-B are to make a comeback, 16 years after they broke up. After they appeared in a recent TV commercial, it was decided to re-release their 1985 hit “Romantic ga Tomaranai”.