Daily Archives: February 1, 2005

Shichinosuke Arrested for Punching Cop

The big news story of the week has been the arrest of young kabuki actor Nakamura Shichinosuke (21), son of Nakamura Kankuro (49), one of the biggest names in kabuki. Early on Sunday morning, a drunken Shichinosuke refused to pay an ¥8,000 taxi fare near his home in Tokyo’s Bunkyo ward and the driver reported him to the nearby koban (police box). After a chase of several hundred meters he was caught by a police officer. The young actor punched him, breaking his glasses, and was arrested on the spot. It wasn’t until he was taken to the koban that he realized what he had done. A very forlorn looking Nakamura appeared at a televised press conference yesterday to apologize after he had been released on probation. “I have muddied my father’s reputation and I am deeply sorry,” he said. “it has been said that my father spoiled me, but this is entirely my own doing.” He is to be confined to his home for the rest of this month. On Saturday night he had attended a party to mark the beginning of events to commemorate his father taking the stage name Nakamura Kanzaburo in March. His father also gave a press conference and apologized profusely. His succession to become the 18th Kanzaburo is a big event in the traditional theater world. The first official commemorative event was to have started today, but has been cancelled.

• Iida Kaori (23), the second leader of Morning Musume, has officially left the group. ‘Kaorin’s sotsugyo (graduation) took place at the Yokohama Arena, where Momus finished their latest tour. Yaguchi Mari (22) will take over the leadership role.