Daily Archives: February 17, 2005

Reina Comes Clean

Actress Tanaka Reina (photo, 24) has owned up to her relationship with L’Arc En Ciel guitarist Ken (36). Appearing at a PR event for the dubbed version of the Hollywood movie “Racing Stripes,” she was asked about the romance, revealed in the latest edition of the weekly gossip magazine Friday. “We have a good relationship,” she said. Tanaka does the voice of the main character, a zebra who wants to be a racehorse.

• Fuji TV announcer Otsubo Chinatsu (38) announced this week that she is engaged to be married. The only details revealed about her fiance are that he is an employee at a foreign company. The couple plan to get hitched in March. Comedian Amano Hiroyuki of the duo Kayeen offered his congratulations when asked for a reaction by reporters – he and Otsubo were considered to be on the verge of marriage in 2000.