Daily Archives: February 14, 2005

Happy Days for Ghibli

It’s been a good week for the folks at Studio Ghibli. First it was announced that star director Miyazaki Hayao (64) is to receive an honorary Golden Lion at this year’s Venice Film Festival. The award is in recognition of his many record-breaking and critically acclaimed anime masterpieces, a long list that includes “Princess Mononoke,” “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle.” Later, the studio announced that it was becoming independent of publishing house Tokuma Shoten. The new company will be located in Koganei in western Tokyo, with Miyazaki, director Takahata Isao and producer Suzuki Toshio on the board of directors. Studio Ghibli was established as a subsidiary of Tokuma in 1985, but had been supporting the struggling publisher for some time. A major restructuring has put Tokuma back in the black, allowing Ghibli to break free. The newly independent company will give Miyazaki even more greater dominance in the anime field.