Mori Masako Collapses

Enka singer Mori Masako (photo, 46) collapsed at her Shibuya, Tokyo home on Tuesday night and was rushed to hospital. Doctors gave a press conference and said she was suffering from cerebral anemia and insomnia. She had taken a number of hormonal pills for the treatment of menopause shortly before she collapsed. She was found by her 15-year old son, who called his father. Her husband, enka singer Mori Shinichi (57), spoke to the media yesterday and flatly denied that it had been a suicide attempt. &$149; Singer Utada Hikaru (21) announced on her web site that she will invite some Japanese fans to a PR live event in New York on February 23. Five pairs will be chosen by lottery from her site’s mailing list to spend three nights in NYC. She is hoping to put some momentum back into her launch into the US market, where her October 2004 debut “Exodus” failed to make an impression.