Shioya’s Love Triangle

Tominaga Ai, Shioya Shun, Sonoyama Makie

Actor Shioya Shun (29) looks every bit the playboy and it seems he’s been living up to the part. Just days after model Tominaga Ai (29, photo left) spoke happily about her relationship with the actor, she was livid to find out that not only was there another woman in his life – talento and “food researcher” Sonoyama Makie (34, photo right) – but the pair have reportedly been discussing marriage. Last Friday, after news of the couple broke in the weekly gossip magazines, Tominaga spoke happily to reporters about the relationship and mentioned it on that day’s edition of the live Fuji TV afternoon show “Shiritagari.” But by Monday she was blogging that there was no romance and that she and Shioya were now just friends. The media are waiting to see whether she’ll address the issue on tomorrow’s edition of the live show.

Tominaga and Shioya started dating after appearing together at a benefit event last year for the Great East Japan Earthquake. But sources say that Shioya and Sonoyama also started seeing each other around the same time and that he has promised to get married. The contrast between Tominaga’s icy beauty and Sonoyama’s more housewifey image adds some spice to the story. Shioya made his screen debut in 2002 as the lead character in the TV kids action series “Harikenger” (aka “Power Rangers: Ninja Storm”). He won a best newcomer award for his lead role in the popular 2005 movie “Pacchigi!”