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More Wedding Bells and Babies

Kobayashi Sachiko, Itoh Yuko

At the risk of turning Japan Zone into some kind of weddings and births registry, here are some more updates from the showbiz world.

Enka star Kobayashi Sachiko (57, photo left) held a press conference yesterday shortly after she got married to Hayashi Akio (49), CEO of regenerative medicine company TES Holdings. Sacchan, as she is popularly known, said that yesterday was not only an auspicious taian day on the traditional calendar but also the sixth anniversary of the day she and her future hubby first met. The couple’s engagement was announced back in August. After tying the knot at the Minato-ku municipal office in Tokyo, Kobayashi (she plans to continue using here maiden name) spoke with reporters and proudly showed off the chunky wedding ring that Hayashi bought for her two years ago while traveling overseas. The newlyweds are not planning to hold a wedding ceremony or reception but will be taking a honeymoon next February in Vienna, where Hayashi runs a business.

Kobayashi debuted way back in 1964 and has had such massive hits as 1979’s “Omoidezake.” Her incredibly flamboyant costumes have been a key feature of the “Kohaku Uta Gassen” show on NHK every New Year’s Eve for the last 32 years.

Meanwhile actress Itoh Yuko (37, photo right) announced on her blog last night that she is now married and is currently six months pregnant. She didn’t give any further details but it is thought that she and her ippanjingroom tied the knot yesterday. Itoh, who debuted in the 1997 Fuji TV drama series “Hitotsu no Yane no Shita 2,” has been a feature of 2-hour drama specials for several years. She was romantically tied to comedian Watabe Ken (39) of the duo Unjash from 2004. The pair were expected to get hitched but broke up in 2008.

Also tying the knot is pinup girl Tachibana Ayano (23), who blogged yesterday that she and soccer player Kukino Satoshi (24) are planning to get married early next year. Tachibana is said not be pregnant and plans to continue her showbiz career, which is already heading into its second decade. Kukino, who is a striker with the J1 team Kawasaki Frontale, also announced the news on his blog.