Daily Archives: December 21, 2010

Asagi Named as the “Other Woman” on Twitter

Asagi Kuniko, Omomo Miyoko

Talento Asagi Kuniko (46, photo left) is at the center of perhaps the first Japanese celebrity scandal to break out on Twitter. Late Sunday night a post on the Twitter account of talento Omomo Miyoko (45, photo right) named Asagi as having had an affair with her ex-husband (49). Omomo and her husband divorced in November 2009 but the reasons were never discussed publicly. Omomo’s management have declined to comment on the report, telling the media that she is currently resting overseas and not expected back in Japan until early next week. Asagi is scheduled to make a regular appearance on the TBS morning show “Hiruobi” tomorrow, so the media will be watching for any mention of the story.

The first tweet that drew attention to the story was on Sunday night when Omomo said that her happy event of 2010 was joining Twitter and connecting with new people. But the shocking event was when she learned of Asagi’s affair with her ex, a director at a TV production company. The couple married in 2003, thanks largely to Omomo’s relentless pursuit and marriage proposal. Asagi is also a divorcee. She married musician and old friend Matsumoto Akihiko (47) in 1994 and they had a daughter soon after. But differences between the two led to divorce in March 2006.