Daily Archives: February 19, 2007

The Big Wedding

The big story over the weekend was of course the wedding of actress Fujiwara Norika (35) and Yoshimoto comedian Jinnai Tomonori (32) on Saturday. Ikuta Jinja shrine in Kobe was surrounded by some 425 security personnel, while 2,000 fans turned out hoping for a glimpse of Fujiwara’s spectacular “junihitoe” or twelve-layered kimono, and Jinnai’s “sokutai” or old ceremonial court dress. But the traditional Heian Era outfits were only shown on news and variety shows. The ceremony was attended by 112 family members and close friends. A visibly tense Jinnai hardly had a chance to take it all in before heading back to a hectic work schedule. On Sunday, he had three performances at Yoshimoto’s theater in Tokyo at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, and even fitted in a guest appearance at the premiere of the movie “Parfum” at NHK Hall in Shibuya between the second and third shows. And Fujiwara is no slouch, either. She heads off to do TV location work in India tomorrow. The couple will move into a new home in the capital next month.