Daily Archives: February 8, 2007

Kumiko Re-Married to Ex

At 52, actress Akiyoshi Kumiko can still get her man, or should that be boy. The actress famous for her off-the-wall comments revealed yesterday that she re-married her second ex-husband last year. At 26, the Japanese-American graphic creator, named only as A-san, is a year younger than her son from her first marriage. Their marriage at the end of 2004 lasted less than a year. But at a PR event for her latest theatrical production yesterday, Akiyoshi told reporters that they got hitched again a year ago. She admitted that the whole thing was a bit embarrassing for her and she had hoped to keep it secret. She said their first marriage had been based on “passion and instinct”. But when she discovered soon afterwards that her mother had cancer, her priorities changed drastically. A-san supported her even after their split and they decided to get back together shortly before Akiyoshi’s mother died in February 2006. One of the more eccentric characters in Japanese showbiz, Akiyoshi was pregnant when she married for the first time, in 1979 to composer Iwaku Shigeru (57), making her a showbiz pioneer of the term “dekichatta-kon” (shotgun wedding). They had one son but divorced in 1989. In her 34-year career Akiyoshi has appeared in dozens of movies and over 100 TV dramas. She published a book of nude photos in 1991.

• Romance has bloomed between popular singer Kimura Kaera (22) and Rip Slyme MC Su (33), according to the latest issue of weekly magazine “Josei Seven”. They are said to live in separate apartments in the same building. The magazine says they started dating in the autumn of 2005. Apart from music they also share an interest in surfing. Su was married once in 2000 but the couple are not said to be thinking of marriage yet.