Daily Archives: February 12, 2007

High-Security Wedding

No chances are being taken with the security for this weekend’s super showbiz wedding between actress Fujiwara Norika (35) and Yoshimoto comedian Jinnai Tomonori (32). There have been concerns that the original number of 200 security personnel may not be enough, given the huge public and media interest in the event. There’s also the fact that the venue – Ikuta Jinja shrine in Kobe – is in the middle of a commercial district and normally gets a lot of visitors. Yesterday was an auspicious “tai-an” day in the Shinto calendar and over 100 people turned out to watch a regular, non-showbiz couple walk the red carpet from Sakuramon gate to the “honden” or main shrine. So event organizers and police are to sit down again on Tuesday to go over security details. Fujiwara has already said on her official site that the wedding will not be open to the public and the couple won’t be making an appearance.