An Irregular Proposal

Comedian Matsumoto Kouta (photo left, 27) was serious for once when he proposed to his girlfriend on stage yesterday. One half of the popular duo Regular, known for their “Aru Aru Tankentai” routine, Matsumoto was appearing in the final show of the stage production “Ninja Illusion Naruto” in Osaka. He introduced his girlfriend’s parents, who were sitting in the audience, and promptly asked them, “Kanojo wo boku ni kudasai!” (Please give me your daughter’s hand). She then appeared on stage and he said, “Shiawase ni shimasu node, kekkon shite kudasai.” (I’ll make you happy. Marry me, please), to which she could hardly refuse! The couple have been going out for more than two years, though their relationship was only discovered by the media in March.

• Over 1,000 fans, and not all of them screaming teenage girls, turned out for the first fan event held by popular actor Shimizu Mokomichi (21). The event was held at the Studio Dream maker in Tokyo’s Odaiba. Mokomichi talked about his first movie starring role in “Rafu” (Rough), set to open on August 26, and the upcoming TV Asahi drama series “Regatta”. Rough, which also satrs Nagasawa Masami (18), is described as a “poolside love story” and is sure to be a summer hit. Mokomichi’s fan base varies from high schol girls to young mothers and the fan event even attracted a number of young men.

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