Amigo’s Back

Pop singer Suzuki Ami (22) has finally made her long-awaited comeback. Hugely popular at the end of the 1990s, Amigo’s career took a long slide due to legal wrangles and a court case with her record company. There have several attempts at a comeback, but until now they’ve all ended in disagreement, usually over money, and she has been on a hiatus since the spring of 2001. Her new CD “Tsuyoi Kizuna” (Strong Ties) was released yesterday by publishing company Bungeishunju. as it will be distributed as a publishing product, it will not be ranked in the Oricon charts. At a press conference, she said, “It’s been so long. I feel like I could jump into space, I’m so happy!” She also denied rumors of a romance with singer and actor Takizawa Hideaki (22).