Gitan’s Tearful Appeal to Marcia

Actor Otsuru Gitan (35), husband of Brazilian singer Marcia (35), gave a tearful press conference yesterday at which he apologized for being such a bad husband and asked her to take him back. He admitted to having brought another woman to their apartment last December, the day after Marcia had moved into a weekly rental apartment. She came home to pick up some belongings only to find the pair together. Otsuru denies that they were having an affair. When he told how he wanted to see his 6-year old daughter, he broke down in tears. He spent the last three and a half months filming a TV show in America.

• Actress Ozawa Maju (photo, 27) is romantically involved with Karato Ryo (34), her co-star in last year’s samurai movie “Shin Kagenogundan”. the pair first acted together in 2001’s superhero movie “Gamen Rider Agito”.