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Happy News for Anti-Nuke Campaigner Yamamoto

Yamamoto Taro

Happy news from actor Yamamoto Taro. For the last year or so, Yamamoto (37) has received much more attention for his anti-nuclear campaigning than anything else. His very public stance is very rare among Japanese celebrities and while it has earned him widespread public support, it is much less appreciated within the industry and would no doubt have ended the career of a lesser-known actor. He was forced to quit his management agency and saw his income drop by 90%. But now Yamamoto has one more very important supporter – his new bride, as evidenced by the photo of their marriage registration document that he posted to his Twitter account yesterday. He and his ippanjinbride reportedly tied the knot after a whirlwind one-month romance. The couple became acquainted about two years ago but only started dating after they met up again in April. The woman is described as younger than Yamamoto and a “home helper” who regularly does volunteer work at hospitals.

Yamamoto got his showbiz break while still in high school when he and his friends appeared on the hugely popular “Dansu Koshien” segment of Kitano “Beat” Takeshi’s legendary variety show “Tensai! Takeshi no Genki ga deru Terebi.” He became a regular on the show and on the variety circuit. He won a best supporting actor award for role in the 2003 movie “Moon Child.” Since the Great East Japan disaster of March 2011 he has been actively campaigning for an end to nuclear power in Japan and for greater truth and government action regarding the still ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis.