Daily Archives: January 10, 2007

Hitomi’s Horror Hit

Singer turned actress hitomi (30) avoided her usual sexy attire for the Japan premiere of the Tsukamoto Shinya movie “Akumu Tantei” (Nightmare Detective) yesterday. She wore a kimono for the event, attended by 2,000 fans, and looked every bit the ideal Japanese beauty. Giving her her first starring role and co-starring Matsuda Ryuhei (23), the movie was first shown at the Pusan Film Festival last October and is slated to open in 15 countries, including the U.S. and the U.K. Tsukamoto is said to be planning a series and may follow in the footsteps of other horror directors who have recently started working in Hollywood. Some 11 companies are interested in doing a remake. Akumu Tantei’s plot reads like “Nightmare on Elm Street” meets “One Missed Call”. Detective Kirishima Keiko (Hitomi) tries to recruit a mysterious man (Matsuda) who can enter people’s dreams to help unravel unusual suicides whose victims are found to have dialled 0 on their mobile phones before their death. It opens here on January 13.

• Permanently bronzed singer Matsuzaki Shigeru (57) is a proud dad once again. He announced the birth of his third child yesterday at a PR event for the upcoming movie “Keitai Deka, The Movie 2”. He provided songs for the movie’s soundtrack, including the theme tune. His wife Hiroyo gave birth to their second daughter on January 4.