Soothing Hitomi

With a beauty that belies her age, actress Kuroki Hitomi (44) is one of the most popular female stars, with both men and women. But to mark her 25th anniversary in show business, she will be using her soft and charming voice to, as the media put it, “ease the stress of hard-working salarymen” on a new radio talk show. “Kuroki Hitomi no Talk Radio” will air on Nippon Hoso on Thursday evenings from mid-January.

• Nagasawa Masami (17) was on hand to meet fans as the DVD of “Sekai no Chushin, Ai wo Sakebu” went on sale. Nagasawa became the youngest ever actress to win a Hochi Movie Award for her supporting role in the hit romance, which made ¥8.5 billion at the box office. Production of the DVD is already set at 920,000 copies and it is hoped that it will be a million seller, perhaps even surpassing “Bayside Shakedown 2” as the biggest seller of the year.

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