Daily Archives: December 21, 2004

Breaking Up

Recently divorced actor Hosaka Naoki (photo, 37) and actress Takaoka Yuki (photo, 32) have finally split up. The pair continued to live together after their June divorce, mainly for the sake of their children, but there have been rumors of another man in Takaoka’s life. Although rumors of a breakup have surrounded the couple for several years, the summer split came shortly after a weekly magazine published photos of Takaoka and guitarist Hotei Tomoyasu (42), who is married to singer Imai Miki.

• Hard times continue to befall actor Hagiwara Kenichi (54). The actor popularly known as “Shoken” said on a recent TV show that he and his third wife, Yuki are on the verge of divorce. The news ends a year in which he caused a traffic accident, injuring a motorcyclist, and a case where he made threats to producers over unpaid salary for a movie project he was kicked out of.

• On a brighter note, actor Kakei Toshio (42) recently married a 170cm-tall former music company employee, said to be in her 30s. Kakei described his new wife at a news conference as an “Angelina Jolie lookalike.”