Daily Archives: December 10, 2004

One More Fuku

Fuji TV announcer Fukumoto Hanae (photo, 28) is five months pregnant. She married Kintetsu Buffaloes baseball player Fukumori Kazuo (29) in January. With both names beginning with the character “fuku,” which means good fortune, it seems the happy couple are now triply blessed. Fukumori is to pitch for the newly formed Rakuten Golden Eagles team from next season, after Kintetsu and Orix BlueWave merged at the end of last season.

• Weekly magazine Friday published photos of actor Kanda Masaki (53) in a seemingly romantic situation with actress Ikegami Kimiko (45). The two are performing together in a theater production in Nagoya, and rumors have surrounded them for some time. Kanda, who was formerly married to singer Matsuda Seiko, is with the Ishihara Pro agency, who deny the rumors.

• Comedian Yamazaki Hosei (36) had his motorbike stolen from in front of his home in Tokyo’s Meguro ward. He was at home with his wife and two children at the time.