Daily Archives: December 11, 2004

Shinsuke Fined, May Quit

Variety show host Shimada Shinsuke (48) has paid a ¥300,000 fine to an Osaka court in his recent assault case, but he may not be out of the woods yet. The Yoshimoto comedian assaulted a company employee after a show in October, and she took the matter to the police. Later she took it to the Osaka District Court, when Shimada’s tearful press conference, televised live, failed to persuade her of his remorse. The case was relegated to the Osaka Summary Court for non-criminal offenses, where the fine was handed out. The woman still has the option of taking out a civil suit and seeking personal damages. The case has forced Shimada to step down as main presenter on eight different variety shows. During his press conference, he said he would quit show business if he was asked to, and she said this week that if he is really sorry for what he did, he should keep his word and quit. Yoshimoto had been planning for him to make a return in April, when new schedules start, but this case may actually put an end to his career.