Wedding Bells

Popular Fuji TV announcer Sasaki Kyoko (photo, 31) is romantically involved with TBS “ana” Ikeda Hiroyuki (42), according to the latest issue of Flash magazine. The magazine revealed that the couple bought an ¥80 million apartment in Tokyo at the end of last month. Around the same time, Friday magazine caught Sasaki out on a date with an employee of a foreign firm. Ikeda, a presenter on the TBS “News no Mori” show, and Sasaki are said to have postponed their planned wedding till early next year.

• Speaking of wedding plans, actor Takashima Masahiro (39) announced recently that he and beautiful musical actress Sylvia Grab (30) are engaged to be married next autumn. Grab, the daughter of a Swiss father and Japanese mother, appeared with Takashima in a musical in 2000.