The Beautiful Ones

Akanishi Jin, Kuroki Meisa

Two of Japanese showbiz’s “beautiful people” are now an item. It was revealed yesterday that Johnny’s Jimusho aidoru Akanishi Jin (27) and actress Kuroki Meisa (23) have recently started dating. The pair have known each other for a few years but became closer after working together last autumn, and the relationship got serious in the New Year. They were spotted together on a date at Tokyo Disney Sea on January 22. It comes as no surprise to Japan Zone that the news of their relationship comes on the same day as the release of “Sun Burns Down,” Akanishi’s second single in the U.S.

Both stars have a solid track record of romances with others in the industry. Akanishi has been linked with former Speed member Uehara Takako (29), actress Kato Rosa (26) and models Rina (31) and Nishiyama Maki (26). And Kuroki is no slouch, already having notches for musican Ken and kabuki star Nakamura Shido (39), and as recently as last November was seen visiting an onsen (hot spring) resort with Formula One racer Kobayashi Kamui (25).

Akanishi, a former member of the Johnny’s group KAT-TUN, is trying to become the first Japanese star in recent years to make it big in the U.S. He made his performing debut there in 2010, performing a 5-city concert tour, and released his U.S. debut single, “Test Drive,” last November. He will appear later this year in the Keanu Reeves vehicle “47 Ronin,” a Hollywood adaptation of Japan’s most famous samurai story. Kuroki is said to have a similar desire to become a Hollywood action star.