Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Yet Another Showbiz Shotgun Wedding

Wakatsuki Chinatsu

Here at Japan Zone we try not to be too cynical, but this one always seems like the template for how not to get married. Talento Wakatsuki Chinatsu (27) announced on her blog last night that she got married yesterday. She also revealed that she is currently five months pregnant and that she plans to continue her showbiz and fashion careers. She said she and her husband met three years ago and dated for about 15 months, and described him as a Tokyo company employee and several years older than herself. No mention of whether he looks anything like soccer star David Beckham (36) or baseball ace Darvish Yuu (25), both of whom she has admitted being besotted with.

Like many female stars, Wakatsuki was scouted as a teenager on the streets of Shibuya and got her start as a pinup bikini model. The following year she made her CD debut and was soon becoming a regular on the variety show circuit. The main thing that makes her stand out from the herd is her success as a blogger. In 2007 she launched the quirkily named “Mahbodofu wa Nomimono” on the Ameba-hosted service, and her frank writing style soon made it the country’s most popular showbiz blog. But at the end of that year she announced that she was quitting showbiz as it was messing with her head. She faded in and out of the public eye over the following years, and established her own fashion brand in 2009.

Meanwhile comedian Yasuda Kazuhiro (44) also got hitched yesterday, joking that the announcement would be lost amidst Wakatsuki’s and Hamasaki Ayumi’s divorce news. Yasuda is one half of the comedy duo Dangerous, and his comic partner Nocchi (46) has been busy the last few years with his impersonation of Barack Obama.