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Former Musumes in the News

Kago Ai, Nakazawa Yuko

Good news and bad news for two former members of aidoru group Morning Musume. Though the group have been completely overshadowed these days by AKB48 and its offshoots, its members made enough of a name for themselves back in the day to still be able to generate headlines. First the bad news…

Kago Ai (photo left) is still only 23 but has been on a real roller coaster ride since her late teens. Now her management agency are preparing to sue her for more than ¥100 million, according to today’s issue of woman’s weekly “Josei Jishin.” Mainstream president Itoh Kazuyuki (60) says the company is planning to take out a civil lawsuit to seek damages caused when Kago suddenly canceled an appearance and walked out on the company when she still had over 18 months left to run on her contract. The contract is due to expire in March 2013 and Itoh says he hopes to have a chance to talk to Kago in court before the end of the year. Kago attempted suicide in September following the arrest of her 44-year-old boyfriend on charges of attempted extortion. Itoh tried to visit her in hospital and patch things up but was turned away, an effort he says he has continued until recently. “But no more, I’ve reached the end of my tether,” he told reporters yesterday.

Meanwhile better news for more senior MoMusu graduate Nakazawa Yuko (38, photo right), who revealed yesterday that she is getting married next spring after a whirlwind romance. One of the founding members of the group and its first leader, she is now a popular talento. She and her IT company president fiance are said to have started dating only in August of this year. Nakazawa is though likely to move to his hometown of Fukuoka and put her showbiz career on hold.

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