Is It Over Between Amuro, Atsushi?

Amuro Namie, Tamura Atsushi

It has been speculated this week that the romance between J-pop star Amuro Namie (33) and comedian Tamura Atsushi (36) may have come to an end. Management for the two refused to make a comment on the media speculation, saying simply that they are in charge of their own private lives. The couple were seen traveling together to Sedona in Arizona in the New Year, and Tamura went so far as to hold a press conference on his return to Japan to acknowledge their relationship. Amuro is a divorcee and has a 12-year-old son from her marriage to TRF dancer Sam (48), while Tamura – one half of the Yoshimoto manzaiduo London Boots #1 #2 – has long been regarded as a playboy.
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