Ueto, Hiro the Latest Power Couple?

Ueto Aya, Hiro of Exile

They make a slightly unusual couple, but it seems that actress Ueto Aya (25) and Hiro (41), leader of the pop/dance group Exile, are serious. The two have known each other since Ueto was 12 years old, when Hiro’s management agency were in charge of her dance choreography. It seems their teacher-student relationship changed into something more romantic around the beginning of the summer.

It was reported in August that Ueto and Morita Gou (31) of the Johnny’s Jimusho aidoru group V6 had split up in May after an 8-year relationship. There hadn’t been any romantic rumors about Hiro since he broke up with actress Sada Mayumi (33) in March 2008. Management for the two stars said they hadn’t heard anything about the romance, acknowledging only that Ueto was a fan of Exile and good friends with all the group members.