Daily Archives: June 22, 2009

Another Million Seller for Greeeen

Greeeen, Shio Kosho

The latest release from J-pop group Greeeen has become their second consecutive million-selling album. Universal Music announced at the weekend that “Shio, Kosho” broke the one-million barrier just ten days after it went on sale earlier this month. That’s a full week faster than it took DCT’s “Do You Dreams Come True?” the year’s only other album to reach that level in sales. Greeeen owe some of their success to the theme songs they provided for the popular TBS drama series “Rookies” (“Kiseki,” included only on the first edition of the album) and its hit spinoff movie “Rookies – Sotsugyo” (“Haruka”). The group have applied to Guinness World Records to have “Kiseki” recognized as the world’s best-selling digital download. To date, the single has been downloaded 5.9 million times.

Billy Blanks, wedding

American talento Billy Blanks (53) and his new bride Tomoko (40) held their wedding ceremony and reception at the Ritz Carlton Osaka on Saturday. Blanks made his name in Japan a couple of years ago thanks to the hugely popular “Billy’s Boot Camp” exercise DVDs. He and his American wife divorced last year and at the end of the year he and Tomoko, who had been his interpreter, had a baby daughter. They registered their marriage in January and Blanks has applied for permanent residency status. He plans to open his Billy Blanks International Studio in Osaka next month. During Saturday’s reception, a couple were giving a ballroom dancing performance when Blanks took off his tuxedo and turned it into one of his famous Tae Bo aerobic workouts. A 7-time world karate champion, he also changed into his karate gi and split a few tiles and planks for the assembled guests.