Mino is Mr. Busy, Again

Mino MontaTV’s hardest working celebrity is now working harder than ever. Mino Monta (63) this week received a Guinness World Records certificate as the world’s busiest live TV host, breaking the record he set himself two years ago. He was awarded the certificate at the NTV studio in Shiodome, Tokyo by a representative of Guinness World Records Ltd of Britain. Real name Minorikawa Norio, he began his career in radio back in 1967 and moved to television in 1979 as a freelance baseball reporter with Fuji TV. Last autumn, NTV’s long-running weekday afternoon show “Omoikiri TV” was reorganized to a new time and a 5-minute longer slot. That in addition to a daily morning show and another on Saturdays now has him working for 22 hours and 15 seconds of live TV time a week. He said, “The only day I have off is Sunday. Maybe it’ll help me drink less if I do a show on Sundays, too!”