Shido to Co-Star With Jet Li

Kabuki actor Nakamura Shido (32) is having a very good year. Not only has he announced his engagement to the beautiful actress Takeuchi Yuko (25), who’s going to have his child within the year, but he is also going to make his international movie debut. He is lined up to star alongside Jet Li (42) in a Chinese film provisionally titled “Fearless.” To be diected by Ronnie Yu, the movie is the story of Fok Yuen Gap, a true Chinese hero who was also the inspiration for Bruce Lee’s 1972 classic “Fist of Fury.” Set for a 2006 release, it will be produced by Bill Kong, the man behind 2000’s Academy Award nominee “Green Destiny.” Nakamura is the grandson of the late Yorozuya Kinnosuke, one of the legends of post-war Japanese cinema who appeared in some 150 movies. He made his debut in the 2002 comedy “Ping Pong” (photo). Nakamura, who will play the hero’s Japanese opponent Tanaka, says he follows his grandfather’s advice to act from the heart rather than the head.

• Pop diva Matsuda Seiko (43) announced at the weekend that the last date in her 25th anniverary “Fairy” tour will be in Taiwan. The August 20 show in will be her first concert overseas. Her stage show will require 20 11-ton trucks to ship everything from Japan. Meanwhile, it was also announced that she will sing the theme song for the Japanese version of the new Nicole Kidman movie. “I’ll Fall in Love” , the theme for the Norah Ephron version of the classic 60s TV comedy “Bewitched,” goes on sale on August 24.

• Record label Avex held its 6th annual shareholders meeting/concert at the Tokyo International Forum on Sunday. Five of the label’s star acts performed, including its biggest earner Hamasaki Ayumi (25). She performed her new single “Fairyland,” which goes on sale on August 3. Others appearing were globe, one of the biggest groups of the 90s and fronted by Komuro Tetsuya (46), Otsuka Ai (22) and Suzuki Ami (23).