Daily Archives: June 16, 2005

Kubozuka Shows No Fear

Actor Kubozuka Yousuke (26) is showing no signs of fear on the location of his latest movie project, “Onaji Tsuki wo Miteiru” (Looking at the Same Moon). Following a fall last June from the balcony of his 9th-floor apartment (earlier story), he could be forgiven for thinking twice about doing dangerous stunts. But the eternal optimist does all his own stunts, including one where he rescues a child from a burning building, saying, “I approach it as if I’ve already died once.” This despite the fact that physically, he says he has only recovered about 60% from his horrendous injuries. “I was scared when I left the hospital, but not anymore. I can play with my kid on the veranda now!” The new movie, scheduled for release in November, is directed by Fukasaku Kenta and is currently filming near Lake Kawaguchi.

• Rize, one of Japan’s best hard rock bands, are making a comeback. They appeared at a Tokyo hotel yesterday to present a 40-minute video based on their upcoming new album, their first original release in over two years (they put out a hits album “Fuck’n Best” in March). The 4-piece never quite achieved real stardom, despite their breakthrough with the excellent single “Music” in January 2001, and put the band on ice two years ago. They have high hopes for the new album “Spit & Yell,” which they are releasing on their own newly-formed label. Mohican-haired guitarist/vocalist Jesse (24) had a go at what he sees as a lack of craftsmanship in the music being churned out by other artists in Japan. He has the support of labelmates Def Tech, the duo who first appeared on the 2003 Rize single “Vibration” and had this year’s first million-seller.