Hamasaki Ayumi, Nagase Tomoya Split

J-Pop queen Hamasaki Ayumi (28) and Tokio member Nagase Tomoya (28) have ended their 7-year relationship. Hamasaki revealed the split on her official fan site on Saturday, saying they had broken up the day before. “We had become more than just lovers and are more like family, like brother and sister. And we plan to continue like that and will remain close,” she said. Singer Wada Akiko wasted no time adding her two yen’s worth. On her Saturday morning live show, she said, “I thought it wouldn’t last. I think it’s probably down to Ayu’s selfishness. I don’t think she’ll be able to have a boyfriend for a while. But it’s a shame because I wanted them to stay together.” The pair first became friends when they co-starred in a TV Asahi drama series in 1997. Their relationship turned romantic in 2000 and became public in September 2001. There had been rumors of a split, but it was more widely thought that they would end up marrying. They vacationed together in Los Angeles last autumn.