Wada Akiko Slams Tsuji

Wada Akiko has called the recent announcements by Tsuji Nozomi (19) “irresponsible”. The former Morning Musume member revealed her wedding plans and her pregnancy just days apart. Tsuji and actor Sugiura Taiyou (26) say that their decision to marry was made months ago, but “Akko” (57) – always one to speak her mind – said that the timing was obviously calculated. Wada, also known as the God Sister, appeared on her weekly Saturday show on NTV just two days after having surgery to remove polyps from her colon. Though clearly not back to full strength, she felt the need to put the young upstart in her place. “She says she’s going out with the guy, going to get married, then reveals she’s pregnant. It’s all too neat,” she said. “The kid has no sense of responsibility.” Indeed Tsuji’s untimely pregnancy has left a lot of people in the lurch. She dropped out of a stage musical and recently graduated MoMus leader Yoshizawa Hitomi (22) had to step in to cover for her. And the future of Gyaruru, a new pop trio that was launched just days before her announcement, is up in the air.

• Fuji TV announcer Watanabe Kazuhiro (30) is going for a Lucky Seven wedding. A presenter on the “Mezamashi Terebi” morning show, he announced yesterday that he is to get married on July 7. His met his fiancee while both were studying at Seijo University and they started dating on January 1, 2001. So the 7/7/07 date for their wedding seemed the ideal next step. It’s also the date of Tanabata, one of Japan’s most famous – and romantic – festivals. Also called the Star Festival, it comes from an ancient Chinese legend based around the one day of the year when the two stars Vega and Altair, usually separated by the Milky Way, come together.