Morning Musume Best-Selling Female Group Ever

Okay, it’s finally time for me to stop ragging on Morning Musume. The girl group with the ever-changing lineup has achieved yet another milestone, selling more singles than the legendary idol duo Pink Lady. Their latest single, “Kanashimi Twilight” has entered the latest Oricon chart at No.2 and so far has sold over 50,000 copies. Not exactly a huge number yet, but enough to put their total single sales at 11.085 million over the last ten years and finally beat the long-standing record of Pink Lady. Including total singles sales, they now hold five records for a female group. The others are: the most No.1’s (10), the most Top 10 hits (33), the most consecutive years with a No.1 (6) and the most consecutive years with a Top 10 (10).

The only thing keeping them from another No.1 this week is the latest from Johnny’s duo Kinki Kids, who have a phenomenal record of their own. “Brand New Song” is the 25th single since they debuted and every one of them has gone to No.1, a feat that got them into the Guinness Book of Records. At No.1 in the album chart is Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne (22), who played an unannounced “guerrilla live” show in front of Shinjuku station on Saturday.