Kyoka Denies Romance With Sanada

Today is the Emperor’s birthday and a national holiday.

• Actress Suzuki Kyoka (photo, 37) has denied rumors of a romance with award-winning actor Sanada Hiroyuki (45). She was asked about the rumors, published in the latest issue of the Josei Seven women’s weekly, at a PR event for next year’s 29th Japan Academy Awards ceremony. Suzuki was named as co-presenter with Sekiguchi Hiroshi (62), who’ll be presenting for the 9th year in a row. The awards ceremony will be held on March 3. The big winner in terms of nominations is “Always – San-chome no Yuuhi,” a movie adaptation of the best-selling manga, which is up for 13 awards.

• I’d also like to take this chance to wish both the Emperor and my lovely wife Chiho a very happy birthday!