Daily Archives: December 1, 2005

You Little Devil!

Gorgeous singer Arahiro Beni (19) has been chosen as the 2nd “Triumph Little Devil,” the award from the ladies’ lingerie maker. She was presented with a Little Devil Bra, which comes with two locks and keys…The singer releases her new single, “Cherish,” on December 7.

• Actor Akai Hidekazu (46) chased a burglar out of his Tokyo home early last Wednesday morning, according to police. The former pro boxer was woken by his wife at about 5am, when she heard someone in the first floor living room of their house in Setagaya Ward. Akai shouted as he came down the stairs and the man escaped through the broken bathroom window he had entered through. He stole about ¥500,000 in cash and three watches worth another ¥1.9 million.

• Actor Watari Tetsuya (63) is to make his first live appearance on a news show. He will be a guest commentator on tomorrow’s Hodo Station on TV Asahi, withe the theme being middle-aged divorce, also the theme of his current drama series “Jukunen Rikon.”

• Actress Miyazaki Masumi (37) sent a fax to the media yesterday announcing that she has breast cancer and is scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow. The former Clarion Girl published a nude photo book in 1993 and moved to the US, where she married a Japanese photographer the following year.